smart home

enhanced comfort
easy operation
personal solutions
A smart home is your personal assistant with complete privacy.

This is a new class of comfort, control and level of service for modern housing. It frees you from many daily routines and increases your sense of self-care.
Victor Zhukov,
founder of

the smart home controls

Air quality
Water supply
And any other devices
Home theaters, audio systems, TVs, projectors
Electric Energy
Water supply
Overhead lighting
Iron, kettles, ect
Air conditioning
Air treatment systems
Water heaters
Separate lighting fixtures
Automatic vacuum cleaners
Opening windows
Roman blinds
Water treatment systems
Everything is controlled
Through special equipment according to your preferences scenarios
By your commands
Through switches, smartphones, panel and voice
already know a lot about the smart home
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the smart home provides

Full control
Saving personal resources
Interior aesthetics
Enhanced comfort
Saving in resources
Complete peace of mind for housing and those in it. Increased security
The ability to leave home, to travel, while retaining control and management
Freeing up your attention and time. Getting rid of routine.
Nice lighting, modern switches, stylish devices
Improved bodily and mental health and resource. Comfort and return from housing. Taking care of yourself and your loved one.
Reduced operating costs and risks

scenarios are automatic rules for the smart home

You can create new scenarios or customize existing ones
«Good Morning» Scenario
The climate system goes into daytime mode
The underfloor heating warms up im time for you to wake up
Your favorite music plays
Instead of an alarm clock, the lights go on, simulating a sunrise
«Welcome» Scenario
Favorite music creates a special atmosphere in the house
Soft, pleasant light switches on in the living room
The curtains close automatically
The ventilation system supplies more air according to the number of guests
«Vacation» Scenario
All lights and outlets are turned off
Water pipers are shut off
The climate system goes into energy-saving mode
Makes you feel as if you are inside the house while you are on vacation
«Goodnight» Scenario
In the evening, the lighting is warmer and dimmer, soothing and preparing you for sleep
Bedrooms are aired one hour before bedtime
Quiet music puts you in the mood for a restful night's sleep
Your home goes into energy-saving mode
Allows you to turn off lights in the entire house with a single button
Your room is set at a comfortable temperature for sleeping
«I'm gone» Scenario
All lights and outlets will turn off
The air purifier will turn off
The robot vacuum cleaner will start cleaning
The climate system will go into economy mode
«I am back» Scenario
Lights relevant to the current time of day will turn on
Your favorite music starts playing
The climate system will go into a comfort mode
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myths about the smart home

A smart home is costly
Useless entertainment
A lot of machinery and wires
It is difficult to understand the control
Vulnerable to hacking
Installing a Smart Home system can help reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. In addition, the system helps avoid the risks of leaks, fir, trespassing, etc. The amount of restoration can be an order of magnitude higher than installing a Smart Home ahead of time
More than 500 Smart Home features allow you to significantly save material and personal resources, as well as provide increased comfort of living. Over time, The Smart Home becomes your daily indispensable assistant
All special equipment will be hidden in the electrical panel. Motion sensors are compact and will be built in inconspicuous places. We use only minimum number of wires necessary for the system
It is controlled from devices you are already familiar with (smartphone, tablet). After setting up the equipment, we give you detailed instructions on how to use the system, as well as provide regular technical support for all your questions
We use the latest encryption algorithms used in banking to operate the system

how much does it cost to install a smart home?

Take a quick survey, get a cost estimate and a preliminary design of your solution
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regardless of the chosen solution, the smart home is:

Home devices - all the things you control
Heating appliances
Underfloor heating
Air conditioners
Water taps
Smart vacuum cleaners and etc.
Control equipment is all the equipment that controls the devices
Curtain actuators
Actuators, etc.
Relays for lights, sockets, appliances, heating systems, windows
Interfaces are everything you use to interact with your home
Light and smart switches
Smart speakers
Calling panels and etc.
Communication lines are everything that connects the elements of a smart home
Cable, radio conduit
Cable lines are reliable. Wireless can be installed on finished repairs.
Sensors - eyes, ears, nose and sixth sense - all the things that give you and the system information about the condition of your home
Sensors for opening, lights, humidity, air quality, traffic leaks, presence, gas, smoke, pressure, atmospheric pressure, rain, solar power, weather stations, etc.
Controllers are the things that send commands to control the devices. The brain of the system. This is where the magic of service and serving you according to your preferences begins.
Logic controllers and software — is a team with a developed network of partners, which allows us to make solutions tailored to the needs of the customer.

We cooperate with the suppliers of both Russian and foreign equipment that allows us to select the most optimal solutions for the client.
Victor Zhukov,
founder of
in brief, about us
We give 5 years warranty
Geography without borders
We use equipment with intuitive controls
Responsible to deadlines
We do the project on a turn-key basis
We can provide technical support
Within 5 years we provide warranty repair of the installed equipment
We will send a team to your city or country to implement the project
We use professional equipment that is easy to understand regardless of your experience
Strictly following agreements
We create unique solutions tailored to your needs
We answer your questions and help with all the issues after the job is done
stages of integration
Preliminary cost estimation
Contract, TOR and draft individual solution
Commissioning and programming
Maintenance of initial operation
get a free consultation and your preliminary design
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